YAM San Diego 2021


Welcome! We've set up your site and added your admin account. You're currently viewing the 'Frontend' of the call site, or public view. In order to set-up your call's settings you will need to login to the call site's 'Backend'. Here are the steps to get going.

Steps To Get Started

  1. Click the big Login button at the top right to login with your admin username and password you set when setting up the demo call. This will take you the admin 'Backend' where all the configuration options exist.
  2. You can edit this home page by choosing 'Site Customization -> Pages' in the admin backend section to remove all of this intro text.
  3. We added some default categories, sub-categories (media) and pages to your call. You can add or edit the existing content we created via the sidebar links in the admin section.
  4. Click this Tutorial icon in various admin backend sections to see video tutorials on the various settings for those pages.

User Entry Process Tutorial

You can leave this video on your call site's homepage (or embed it on any page) for a quick tutorial your users can watch to help them with the submission process.